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Supplying the needs and demands in the commercial kitchen sector through years of experience, corporate background and the power and quality of service, our company is the strategic business partner that our customers can rely on for their critical business projects. In accordance with the requests of the clients, Turnike Industrial delivers the best solutions in the right manner of service based on high quality and efficiency.

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The most notable among the products and services we offer as turnstile kitchen is jar rinser blender washing. Jar rinser blender washing, which is one of the most remarkable products among industrial kitchen equipment, is among the signature products of our company. With its solid polymer structure, ease of use and desired color options, the jar rinser blender washing chamber is the indispensable choice of professional kitchens. In addition, if you want to have an idea about jar rinser, do not hesitate to contact us.

The jar rinser, which removes even the most difficult dirt with its powerful spraying feature, is designed to reach every corner of the bowl and the upper side of the blade with its angled spray tips. For ease of use, it only works when a little pressure is applied from the top. The jar rinser, which can be easily connected to any tap, has large vacuum feet to keep it stable and stable. The durable ABS structure is almost unbreakable, and the jar rinser cleanly removes solid dirt in seconds with its high-pressure spray system.

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